Road, water safety urged

Drivers and watercraft users are being urged to think safety this Easter holiday weekend by the Royal Cayman Islands Police.

This weekend there will be increased patrols throughout the districts to deal with any incidents that may occur on the roads and to try to cut down on an increase in drunk driving and speeding over past years.

‘While we want people to have fun this Easter we are also urging people to take care on the roads and on the water. We are asking them to be safe.

‘We are urging people that if they are going to have a drink, not to drive. Follow the rules and don’t go speeding,’ said RCIP Media Liaison Officer Kafara Augustine.

Ms Augustine said that in the past it has been a combination of young and older people who have contributed to accidents.

A press release from the RCIP reads, ‘The Easter Weekend has traditionally been a quiet family day for picnics and camping throughout the Islands, however in past years there has been an increase in drunk driving and speeding on the roads that have resulted in either injuries or fatalities.

‘In addition, reports have also been received over the holidays involving high-powered speedboats and personal watercraft being driven recklessly and dangerously in the water by persons who are intoxicated.’

The RCIP is encouraging the public to be safe and follow the rules on both the road and in the water.

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