Cayman promoted in Texas newspaper

A prominent daily Texas newspaper with a circulation of 29,000 featured an article on Grand Cayman as a tourist destination over the weekend.

The Galveston County Daily News describes some of the attractions Grand Cayman has to offer to cruise passengers, saying, ‘. . . the water is considered to be the clearest and cleanest in the Caribbean, and water sports and the magnificent beaches offer day visitors excellent reasons to go ashore.’

The article, published 27 March, introduces George Town, Grand Cayman as one of the destinations that Celebrity Cruise Line’s Galaxy sails to. This sails out of Galveston on 10- and 11-day cruises.

‘This island has been a favourite port of call for every cruise line that plies the Caribbean, and water sports and the magnificent beaches offer day visitors excellent reasons to go ashore.’

However, the article somewhat overestimates just how many ships come in on a daily basis when it says, ‘. . . on some days one can see 10 to 20 cruise ships anchored off-shore sending their passengers into town aboard the vessels’ tenders.’

The writer, Frances K. Harris says, ‘George Town has made itself into a viable port of call with its duty-free shops selling everything from T-shirts to jewellery and fine clothing’.

The article mentions that Columbus discovered the Cayman Islands in 1503 and how he called them Las Tortugas after the turtles that were in abundance around the waters. ‘If turtles enrapture you, there is a great turtle farm to be visited.’

The newspaper correspondent also describes personal experiences on Grand Cayman.

‘I opted for the Atlantis, a submarine that sinks into the clear turquoise Caribbean depths while a diver feeds the neighbouring fish, ensuring that you will at least see something as you sink beneath the ocean’s surface.

‘I have also headed up the Seven Mile Beach, sat in the shade or swam in the water from time to time. And, of course, I have surveyed all the duty-free shops. I didn’t want to miss anything.’

The writer describes it as one of the most prosperous islands in the Caribbean.

‘Offshore banking is big and there are more than 500 such installations as well as many international companies that are making their home and headquarters there.’

The tale of George III in gratitude to the locals for saving his shipwrecked soldiers, having absolved the Cayman Islands from ever having to pay taxes, is also told.

The writer describes sightseeing in Cayman as ‘iffy’, saying it often demands strength and agility.

‘The visit to Stingray City with an overview of the island is one such tour. If you have a problem walking and navigating steps, I suggest you opt for a cab ride to the beach or just meander the duty-free stores at the port where the tenders come in.’

The correspondent also urges readers to ‘dress nicely’.

‘While almost any kind of top is fine aboard, I suggest you don’t go ashore in revealing halters, bras or even tank tops. Dress nicely. ‘Casual’ isn’t necessarily sloppy.’

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