Shooting mayhem at hospital

A 28-year-old man was shot and murdered at the George Town hospital on Wednesday afternoon in an incident police are referring to as ‘two groups retaliating among themselves.’

The man suspected of the shooting was apprehended by police shortly after the incident, which occurred at about 1.45 pm.

The weapon used in the crime was also recovered.

The suspect appeared in court around 4pm.

A police officer was shot at during the pursuit of the suspect, but not injured.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Rudolph Dixon assured the public that the police were bringing all resources to bear to end the violence.

‘These are fearful times,’ he said. ‘The police are taking these events very seriously. We’re committed to stopping the shootings.’

Still, the police are expecting more violence.

‘We expect we haven’t heard the last of it,’ said Mr. Dixon.

Police confirmed that a man – since identified as Sheldon Brown – was shot early Monday morning in the area of East End and then hospitalised.

On Tuesday night, a house in the Bodden Town area was shot at, but no on inside was injured.

Wednesday’s incident occurred after a member of the rival group of Mr. Brown showed up at the hospital.

That man was subsequently the person shot. He died within two hours of the shooting.

No innocent members of the public were injured, although many are thought to have witnessed the incident.

Mr. Dixon said the groups taking part in these shootings were quite violent but that he would not classify them as gangs.

‘They have some traits of gangs, but they’re not operating like gangs would,’ he said.

He said no political connections had manifested themselves among the groups.

Mr. Dixon said police intelligence led them to believe that there were only two groups involved in the rash of shootings and that only a small number of people were involved.

Detective Chief Superintendent Derek Haines said the weapons used during Tuesday night’s shooting in Bodden Town were very powerful.

‘They were automatic and semi-automatic weapons similar in size to the M-16,’ he said. ‘So they were very powerful and very vicious weapons.’

Mr. Haines said a two-year-old child was in the Bodden Town house at the time it was fired upon.

The two groups involved in the shootings are thought to be involved in illegal drug trade.

Mr. Haines said the majority of crimes committed in the Cayman Islands are related to drugs.

Members of the public are urged to come forward with any information they might have concerning the recent shootings, Mr. Haines said.

‘We need information,’ he said.

Mr. Brown was released from the hospital shortly after the shooting, so no more incidents are expected there.

Police were actually at the hospital at the time of Wednesday’s shooting in an effort to prevent an incident, Mr. Haines said.

Earlier this month, a man was shot and murdered outside his home in West Bay.

Mr. Dixon said the police were investigating the possibility that incident was related to this most recent spate of shootings.

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