Candidates not to be involved in postal ballots

Neither candidates nor their agents should be involved in postal ballots in any way.

It is an election offence for them to be involved and the vote will not be counted.

‘The law may sound draconian, but voting has to be between an elector and his or her conscience,’ said Supervisor of Elections Kearney Gomez.

The Elections Rules (2004 Revision) spell out the procedure for voters to apply for a postal ballot (Caymanian Compass, 22 February).

The Elections Rules also spell out offences.

Any candidate or agent commits an offence if he or she completes any part of an application for postal ballot or signs the application on behalf of the applicant or acts as a witness.

Such an offender is liable on conviction to a fine of $500 or imprisonment for six months. Another result is that the application is void.

Persons who wish to vote by postal ballot may obtain an application form from the Registering Officer of the district. The application should then be returned to the same Registering Officer. Any questions should be directed to the Registering Officer.

The officers are: WEST BAY, Darlene Owens-Elliott, 916-4402;

GEORGE TOWN, Kathry Myles, 916-2117;

BODDEN TOWN, Kerry Nixon, 916-4478;

EAST END, Vernicia Watler, 916-4647;

NORTH SIDE, Patricia Ebanks, 916-4349;

CAYMAN BRAC AND LITTLE CAYMAN, Georgene Lazzari, 948-0343.

Electors are reminded that polling stations have been improved with wheelchair ramps and special voting booths. Handicapped and/or infirm voters can go the polls if they so wish and election officials will put them to the front of any line.

Any questions may be directed to the Elections Office, 949-8047.

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