Police can’t do it alone

Everyone has been shocked at the rash of gun violence that has occurred this week in Grand Cayman.

In the space of three days, three people were shot in three separate incidents, and a house was shot at in yet another incident.

One person has died as a result of the shootings, and two other people have been hospitalised.

These sort of events are common occurrences in some places, but are still considered shocking in the Cayman Islands.

Usually, the perpetrators of these crimes are arrested quickly and sent to trial, where they are sometimes convicted; and sometimes not.

What we really want is to prevent these crimes before they happen.

The police, in investigating crimes, rely heavily on information from the public, something which is not always forthcoming.

Grand Cayman is a small place, and many people undoubtedly know information about the occurrence of criminal activities, and about the possession of unlicensed firearms.

For a variety of reasons, these people choose to remain silent, perhaps out of fear, perhaps out of apathy, perhaps out of loyalty to friends or family.

There’s a popular saying that says if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

Upstanding residents with information that could help the police make the Cayman Islands a safer and more peaceful place and who choose to remain silent are certainly not part of the solution.

Life in a democratic society does not come without responsibilities.

It is not enough to simply mind one’s own business and lead a law-abiding life because there are criminal elements of society that will exploit the system. They rely on the idea that normal citizens won’t want to get involved.

The Royal Cayman Islands Police have a good idea of the people behind all the recent shootings.

What they need to do their job properly is specific information from members of the public about criminal activities such as unlicensed gun possession.

If the people of Cayman want a return to more peaceful days, it’s up to individuals to have the courage to do their civic duty and report any crimes they know about.

The police simply can’t do it alone.

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