Today’s Editorial: Secure borders now

It’s time for a good idea to come to fruition.

The Royal Cayman Islands Police has for years discussed the need for radar around the parameters of Grand Cayman.

There needs to be some way for police to be able to stop traffickers of illegal guns and drugs.

Shortly after Buel Braggs was named commissioner of police in 2003 he and a handful of his officers toured the various districts of the Cayman Islands and held meetings where the subject of offshore radar was discussed.

The men expressed their hope that Government would come up with a way to pay for the extra security.

That was more than a year ago.

Today those wishes need to be made realities.

Border security shouldn’t just be something that’s on the police force’s wish list. It is time the wish is granted.

Too many illegal guns and drugs are getting on Grand Cayman and it’s almost certain they’re not all coming through the airport. There are too many secluded areas along the coastline of Grand Cayman where boats can anchor and offload illegal goods.

While the Commissioner isn’t blaming illegal drugs on the recent spate of shootings and killings, it is almost certain that they play a part. And it is certain that those doing the shootings are behind the butts of illegal guns.

If radar isn’t a viable option, some sort of border control is needed to keep the vessels loaded with illegal drugs and weapons at bay.

Governor Bruce Dinwiddy has promised there will be an improvement to border control, but specifics have not been announced.

We hope that the Commissioner’s fears that nothing will be done with border control until after the 11 May elections are just that; fears.

The argument can be made that the Cayman Islands simply can’t afford radar or a boost to border control because of the immense expenditures plaguing the budget because of Hurricane Ivan.

It is our position that the Cayman Islands simply can’t afford not to come up with some kind of border protection.

Lives – and ultimately this country’s reputation – are at stake.

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