Sunrise Cottage reopens

‘It’s so good to be back home,’ exclaimed 62-year-old retiree Eudith McLean. She and the four other residential clients of the Sunrise Cottage in East End returned to their familiar surroundings this week after a six-month absence.

The facility, one of several retirement homes managed by the Department of Children and Family Services, re-opened on Monday, 11 April, after being closed since last year’s hurricane, says a press release from Government Information Services.

Residents and staff had been moved to the East End Civic Centre to shelter from the storm, where they remained for four weeks before being transferred to a villa in the Caribbean Haven compound. Their stay lasted until repairs and renovations were carried out in their East End building.

Now, back in their home overlooking the sea – and many pleasant sunrises – the East End residents and staff expressed appreciation for the kindness, concern and support they received from the Caribbean Haven staff, as well as the welcome visits from family and friends and support from the community.

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