Ms Catron sticks to the issues

Immigration, education, telecommunications, insurance, crime, recovery efforts and healthcare were some of the topic addressed by independent candidate Sandra Catron Tuesday evening.

The few listeners who did attend her meeting at the grounds of the Bodden Town public library voiced their concerns about crime and drugs affecting the district, the education system and recovery efforts.

Ms Catron said she was not one for getting up and lambasting other individuals, her focus was the best for the healthcare services and the island on a whole.

This was by finding ways to implement policies and having a healthcare administration that could run effectively so that all were happy.

‘With that in mind we need to come up with some good, workable and viable solutions on how we can improve the health services,’ she said.

‘There is clearly a staff issue at the Health Services and government needs to look into it. A large number of staff is leaving the hospital and people need to know the reason why, said Ms Catron.

She said she had heard stories that were almost unbelievable; one such was no diapers at the hospital.

What she said had happened to the health authority was that it had gone from being a government department like some others and that we need to understand why that was happening.

‘I think that unfortunately, during that transition going from a department to the HSA that was a very critical stage for the HSA and it was not done as properly as it could have been done,’ she said.

‘We need to take a look at the board, how things are being run administratively and see if we can get some good quality individuals in there.’

During the open for questions sessions one expat said she was not a voter as yet but loved the women of the islands and wanted to see them excel.

‘To get better administrators, what is the island doing to train the people to take these positions so that you do not have to go outside the country to bring in the people to do the job?,’ she asked.

Ms Catron said government did have a scholarship plan in place and they have bragged about the many scholarships they had given over the years.

‘I don’t know if they have the bragging rights because we need to make education our No. 1 priority. The money spent in education is not something we need to brag about that is going to benefit all of us,’ she said.

Speaking on crime, Ms Catron said that young people did not have to take that road because there were a lot of opportunities for them to take advantage of.

‘We have to make sure that we are not giving ourselves or anybody else an excuse to say I cannot hire this young Caymanian because they are not qualified. We are not going to give them that excuse; we are going to make sure that they are qualified.’

She said the island was also in need of a technical school.

On immigration, Ms Catron said they had lost what their objective should be, which should be the protection of Caymanians first.

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