News Services breaks new ground

Cayman Free Press announced the launch of a CaymanianCompass News Service this week in collaboration with Rooster 101 FM, which looks set to break new ground for reporting in the Cayman Islands.

The new service is designed to provide local news gathered by Caymanian Compass journalists to Rooster listeners and enables the Compass team to get news feeds from Rooster’s news squad.

The overall result is to combine the immediacy of radio news with the in-depth coverage for which the Caymanian Compass is renowned.

The Caymanian Compass has been a key provider of news on the Cayman Islands for nearly 40 years and expanded its reach last year with the introduction of its website

The News Service further extends coverage in the Cayman Islands.

‘By working together with other media we can provide Compass readers and radio listeners with an up-to-the minute extended news service’ said Brian Uzzell, Managing Director of Cayman Free Press.

At 8.30 and 9.30 each morning, the Compass editorial team provides Rooster with local coverage for its morning news sections.

Rooster also feeds breaking news stories through to the Caymanian Compass editor Tammie Chisholm. ‘This new service allows us to share news information and expand our coverage in the Cayman Islands. We’re happy to be here working together.’ she said.

‘I’m thrilled that we are joining forces with the Caymanian Compass. This partnership will bring together the best of both worlds. The Rooster/Compass partnership is an ambitious effort designed to change the face of journalism in Cayman,’ said Mike Hennessy News Director at Rooster.

‘By joining forces we can leverage our respective strengths. In today’s fast-paced world, news doesn’t take weekends or nights off. With our 24/7 connection to CNN and our own Rooster 101 Total News team and the Compass‘s unmatched resources for in depth, investigative reporting, the public will be better informed than ever before.’

The first big venture that the Caymanian Compass Rooster partnership will embark on will be Election Day coverage. ‘We are joining teams to bring the best election coverage to the Island that there has ever been,’ observed Rooster’s Operations Manager Keith Michaels, ‘We will be covering the election starting at 7pm as the polls close and broadcasting through the night with updates from Caymanian Compass journalists. This is a very important election that a lot of people are interested in and we’ll cover all angles.’

Anyone interested in the Caymanian Compass New Service should contact Tammie Chisholm on 325-5078, email [email protected]

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