New work permit rules

Potential temporary work permit holders and employers have been put on notice.

New rules go into place as of today in a further effort to prevent temporary work permit abuse.

One of the changes that stand out the most is the required passage of an English test.

The Cayman Islands is, after all, an English speaking country.

It is only right that assurance is made up front that the temporary worker coming in to this country be able to adequately communicate.

This is a measure that will help the employee and the employer. Critical issues such as rate of pay won’t be lost in translation. The person coming in to work and the one doing the hiring will be able to openly communicate.

This will also benefit the public when dealing with the companies where these employees work.

The test will be administered at the airport. Those who fail will be denied entry to the country.

People or companies bringing in temporary workers should know from the start whether the potential employee can speak and read English.

The new rules also require medicals and lab test results for all applications for work permits for three or more months.

Employers must also ensure their employees have proper places to live. This part of the ruling will be closely monitored, and should be.

Another change is in the work permit form itself. After Monday versions of the older form will not be accepted. Employers have been put on notice that the new forms are required and can be downloaded from the Department of Immigration’s government website.

Chief of Immigration Franz Manderson has been promising changes in his department.

These changes aren’t being meted out just to make change.

Through a revamping of Immigration, Mr. Manderson and his staff are working to streamline the work permit application process, cut down lengthy lines at Immigration and keep the Cayman Islands a safe and secure country for residents and tourists.

Mr. Manderson and his staff are to be commended for continuing their efforts to stop work permit abuse and ensure this country’s safety.

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