Housing grants won’t be extended

A total of 695 applications out of the 1,066 evaluated under the Housing Recovery Grant scheme had been approved, Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts said in the House.

‘This number of approvals currently exceeds the amount granted to the HRG which was CI$7.5 million,’ he added.

Mr. Tibbetts was replying on Wednesday to a question from MLA Rolston Anglin.

The West Bay Member asked if the government would extend the housing recovery grant to those who spent their own money, but would have otherwise qualified.

Mr. Tibbetts said the Housing Recovery Grant was never intended to meet everyone’s needs but rather to give assistance to those most needy.

‘Unfortunately it is not feasible at this time to extend the grant programme particularly as the amount of approvals exceeds the amount of grant monies available,’ he added.

Mr. Anglin said there were people, mainly elderly, in his district who, on the heels of the hurricane, went out and used their life savings to replace what they had and were now in a situation where they had nothing left.

Mr. Tibbetts told the House that the National Recovery Fund was in the process of fundraising and resources that could be placed towards recovery operations were being assessed.

If funds were available to help the type of people being alluded to, the government would consider it, he said.