Commissioner staying put

Acting Police Commissioner Rudolph Dixon issued a press statement Thursday saying he has no intentions of leaving the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service in response to a Cayman Net News article that suggested the contrary.

‘Absolutely not,’ said Mr. Dixon when asked if he was leaving. ‘My country needs me more than ever.’

Mr. Dixon harshly criticised Cayman Net News for publishing the article he said contained ‘numerous inaccuracies, innuendo and sensational statements.’

‘This has been disruptive and distractive at a time when all members and the command of the RCIP are intensely focused on addressing the increase in crimes and reducing the fear of crime,’ he said.

‘I regret that a sector of the media would seek to cause undue anxiety in the minds of the public and police at this time,’ he said.

Mr. Dixon insisted there was no exodus of senior officers from the RCIP as alleged by Cayman Net News.

‘There is no exodus, nothing of the sort,’ he said. ‘We are trying to retain officers, not push them out.’

He also specifically said Cayman Brac Chief Inspector Reginald Branch was not leaving the RCIP.

‘It is unfortunate that despite the very open-door policy that the RCIP, including myself, have maintained with the media, inclusive of the Net News, no one from that newspaper sought to check or clarify these stories with either a responsible source or myself.’

Mr. Dixon said the government was planning a series of initiatives to enable the RCIP to grab the offensive against criminals.

The details of that initiative were to be announced at a press conference last Thursday, which was postponed because of the approach of Hurricane Dennis.

That press conference was rescheduled for today.

Mr. Dixon said police were responding to pressures recently created by a series of burglaries and, prior to that, the ongoing armed combat among drug traffickers.

‘We have plans in place to combat this, to address the problem, but I don’t want to talk about them in a piecemeal way. It might be open to misinterpretation.’

He hinted that the government would look overseas for assistance, although he declined to elaborate.

Mr. Dixon also took Cayman Net News to task for other aspects of its 7 July front page article under the headline Police Shake Up.

‘Also contained in the catalogue of errors of the article in question is the assertion that the PPM Government has instigated this shake up,’ he said.

‘I look forward to working with the new government and at the Commissioner’s level, this has already begun with much success.’

‘However, His Excellency, the Governor, is the constitutional head of the RCIP and therefore, it is erroneous and malicious to suggest that the so-called shake-up would have been instigated by the political arm of the Government.’

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