Fine Dine-In up to 30 restaurants

There are now 30 restaurants included in July-December 2005 menu book of Fine Dine-In, Cayman’s restaurant delivery service, the most in the company’s six years of operation.

Owner and manager Ken Moore said the increase of the number of participating restaurants came partially because Fine Dine-In has expanded its pick-up area.

‘We have decided to make a fundamental change to our delivery dispatch system, enabling Fine Dine-In to offer delivery from restaurants in areas that were outside of our previous pickup area,’ he said. ‘Now we can offer delivery from restaurants situated in West Bay and Prospect, as well as centrally located establishments.’

As a result, Fine Dine-In has added a number of popular restaurants such as Pappagallo, Hemmingway’s, Full of Beans, Aquabeach, Bacchus, Breezes by the Bay, Triple Crown, McCoy’s, Davie Jones Locker, Castaway’s Grille, Dragon Garden and Taste of China.

Other restaurants that will continue to offer delivery through Fine Dine-In include Café Med, Bayside Café, Champion House 2, Cimboco, Chicken! Chicken!, Coconut Joe’s, Edoardo’s, Gateway to India, H.D. Morgan’s, Hard Rock Café, Lone Star, Mezza, Neptune, Ragazzi, Stingers, and Thai Orchid, which were all listed in the company’s previous book.

‘We will also be delivering from Bed Restaurant once it has re-opened,’ he said.

Mr. Moore indicated Hurricane Ivan posed a challenge to Fine Dine-In.

‘After the hurricane, our office fared rather well, but many of our drivers and restaurants were out of commission for months,’ he said. ‘In turn, that hampered our ability to provide the kind of service that we would have liked, but everyone did their best under trying circumstances.

‘As everything else in Cayman post-Ivan, it took a while for businesses to adjust and get back on track — now things are sailing along just like before.’

Customers use Fine Dine-In’s service by choosing the items they want to eat out of the menu book and calling in the order.

Once the order has been prepared, Fine Dine-In’s drivers pick up the order and deliver it straight to the customer’s door.

The service also delivers new release DVD’s, wine, beer, soft drinks and cigarettes.

Fine Dine-In is open 7 nights a week, from 5:30 – 10:30 pm with a delivery range from Prospect to West Bay.

For added convenience, orders can also be placed online at which lists all of the restaurant menus, rental DVDs and drinks.

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