Keeping pets safe during Emily

Pet owners are being urged not to keep their animals tied up outside in the event of Hurricane Emily passing through or near the Cayman Islands.

‘Do not leave them outside chained up as they will drown,’ said Cayman Islands Humane Society president Giuseppe Gatta. ‘Leave your pets in the garage or the bathroom because the animals could freak out. Make sure they have plenty of food and water and that wherever you leave them will not get flooded.’

The Human Society also warns against keeping pets that are left home alone in kennels because flood waters could drown them.

One of the most important things to remember with an impending hurricane is to have pest tagged so it can be identified if it escapes your property through a broken door or window, said Mr. Gatta.

The Humane Society needs volunteers to temporarily provide shelter to animals, particularly dogs, this weekend.

‘We’ve got 29 adult dogs and 16 puppies that we need to find foster homes for until the all-clear,’ said the Humane Society’s Sally Castro.

All fostered dogs must be returned to the Humane Society after the storm passes.

‘If they want to keep them, we’ll gladly start the adoption process afterward,’ said Ms. Castro.

Those interested in fostering an animal should contact 949-1461.

Owner of Pet Paradise Donna Baxter said she could not take any pets this weekend because she is already fully booked up with cats and dogs.

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