Ritz-Carlton not for the budget-minded

Fancy a night of unashamed luxury mingling with the stars?

Then now’s the time to book your reservation in time for the Grand Opening of the luxury Ritz Carlton Hotel on Seven Mile Beach.

But one thing’s for sure – you will have to have deep pockets, for high living doesn’t come cheap at one of the Caribbean’s most exclusive resort hotels.

Prices start at $550 for a room in the hotel which occupies 144 acres of land spanning either side of West Bay Road and linked to the Seven Mile Beach side by an enclosed overhead walkway.

For an ocean front room in high season the price rises to $920 a night and a suite will set you back a cool $1,800 to $10,000 per night.

The private condominiums are priced at between $3 million and $40 million.

The highest priced condominium occupies the entire 20,000 square feet of the top floor of the South Tower, and is described as the most exceptional property in the Caribbean.

A purchaser of the $40 million dollar condo will also get a custom-built Rolls-Royce thrown in as part of the deal and will be flown to Britain to one of the Rolls-Royce plants to personally choose their own refinements and accessories for the vehicle.

All the private residencies are situated beach side, with hotel rooms split 165 ocean side and 200 on the inland side of West Bay Road.

The $10,000-per-night Presidential suites have three bedrooms and can accommodate ‘your whole entourage’, said Ritz Carlton Developer Michael Ryan.

The Reserve condominiums feature open floor plans with generous living and dining areas, vast terraces, high ceilings, multiple bathrooms and.

‘We have already had a number of bookings,’ said Mr. Ryan.

‘Sales of the condominiums have also been going well and, because of the limited number left available now, prices are set to rise for those at the end of this month.

‘We are due to hand over to the Ritz Carlton on 31 October and opening night is planned for Thanksgiving Day, which is 24 November, when the hotel will be welcoming its first guests.

‘Owners of the condominiums are expected to start moving into their properties around the same time, through to the end of the year.

‘They are at liberty to move in before then if the properties are ready, but we don’t anticipate many doing so before Thanksgiving,’ added Mr Ryan.

Owners of the condominiums will be at liberty to rent out their property on a long term basis with prices starting at $30,000 a month.

There has been much speculation as to the identity of some of the condominium owners and it is thought that Microsoft mogul Bill Gates may well have purchased one of the properties in the Ritz Carlton complex.

Speculation mounted recently after a prolonged visit by Mr. Gates’s co-founder, Paul Allen, who spent approximately two weeks on his luxury yacht off the shores of the Island.

Mr. Ryan added: ‘It is our company’s policy neither to confirm or deny reports on the identity of clients.

‘I would love to tell you more, but I am afraid I am bound by our company policy.’

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