Shelter wardens get prepared

The National Hurricane Committee is taking no chances when it comes to having shelter wardens prepared.

In a training session held at the John Gray High School assembly hall on Wednesday, potential shelter wardens were shown the ropes of what to do.

On their first day of the two-day training course, which had well over 100 in attendance, interested persons learned the objectives of training and personal preparedness along with shelter warden responsibilities. They were also given a demonstration of how to start a generator.

Essential Relief Services chairman Mrs. Deanna Look Loy, said although a number of persons had signed up to be shelter wardens only those that completed the two days of training would be first considered.

Attending the session were previous shelter wardens, assistant wardens, medical personnel, Red Cross volunteers, NHC personnel and private and government workers.

Fifty-two previous shelter wardens were also awarded appreciation plaques for their tremendous work during Hurricane Ivan. These awards were presented by the Governor, Mr. Bruce Dinwiddy.

Pleased about the way they had performed, NHC chairman Donovan Ebanks also thanked those in attendance for their efforts and commitment.

Mr. Ebanks said that with the experience and knowledge from last year that no one should be as nervous this year.

To those gathered he also said the committee was working to get more help in areas such as plumbing, electrical and medical matters which was a problem during the last hurricane.

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