Avoid parking at airport

Residents planning to evacuate Grand Cayman prior to Hurricane Emily are asked to avoid parking at the airport. This advice comes from the chief executive of the Cayman Islands Airports Authority. the agency responsible for the day-to-day management of both national airports and air traffic services.

Speaking to the Caymanian Compass some 48 hours prior to when the Islands are expected to feel the hurricane’s effects, David Fredrick urged travellers to get taxis or arrange drop offs with family and friends. Mr. Frederick said that the rationale for the request were lessons learned post-Ivan.

Not only is there limited car parking spaces at Owen Roberts International, the congestion caused by vehicles left pre-Ivan, which in some cases were left there for months, was compounded by those later abandoned near the airport in the post-hurricane exodus.

‘If it (Hurricane Emily) strikes and, along with the increased vehicles in the car park, people leave cars at the airport, we will again end up with cars left long-term at the car park and many others effectively abandoned on the side of the road,’ he said.

An auction was recently held to sell some 60 of the 253 cars left in the vicinity of the airport following Hurricane Ivan.

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