Not too late to prepare

The proverbial ‘they’ say practice makes perfect.

So when it comes time for another hurricane of sizeable proportions, the Cayman Islands should be well prepared.

We were given another opportunity to practice our hurricane safety skills this past weekend when Hurricane Emily blew us a wet kiss with maximum sustained winds of 43mph on Grand Cayman, 23mph winds on the Sister Islands and 2.3 inches of rain.

It was the second weekend in a row for the Cayman Islands to brace for and prepare for the possibility of another major storm.

There was evidence this time around that those who call Cayman home were taking Emily seriously. Cars were driven to and parked on higher ground; shelters opened early and retailers made sure there were enough hurricane supplies to go around.

Airplanes to take uneasy residents and visitors to safer ground came and went without a hitch and it appears everyone was taking seriously the urgings from Donovan Ebanks, Fred Sambula and others.

Radio and television kept us informed while the telecommunication industry kept its phones operable.

There’s still much to be done in the area of preparation, though.

Far too many people waited until the almost bitter end to buy plywood and board up houses and businesses.

Hundreds of people waited until before noon to make their way to area supermarkets to buy supplies; supermarkets that were scheduled to close at noon so their employees could get home to make final preparations.

Those who wait until the deadline to prepare for a storm are doing themselves and others on the island an injustice. They’re clogging roadways and keeping others from getting home to batten down and wait.

Hurricane season is with us until November.

As of today we are under no threat of a hurricane this weekend.

The Caymanian Compass urges everyone to get to stores to stock up on hurricane supplies, plywood, batteries and anything else that is needed to survive a storm.

We hope that as the season progresses we get no more of a storm than what Emily had to dish out.

We don’t mind the practice.

Let’s just hope we don’t have to put it in use.

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