Brac university registered

The Education Council has resolved to register Huntington Brac University as a tertiary institution in the Cayman Islands, Legislative Assembly was told.

That was subject to conditions, which included final approval by Cabinet, which would be considering it at the earliest opportunity, Minister Alden McLaughlin told the House.

The Education Minister was answering a question from Sister Islands MLA Julianna O’Connor-Connolly.

An application to establish a medical school in Cayman Brac had been made in April but no decision had been taken by the last Cabinet, Mr. McLaughlin said.

‘Records indicate that the last government had considered granting an exclusive 25 year licence to St Matthews’s University to operate a medical school in the Cayman Islands and had referred the matter to the Education Council,’ said Mr. McLaughlin.

‘However, the Education Council took the view that the question of exclusivity was a policy decision, which was not within its remit and ought to be taken by Cabinet.

‘The council therefore declined to decide the matter but did, however, offer recommendations, which were never acted upon by the last government,’ he said.

Mr. McLaughlin said he had reviewed the files of both universities and met their principals.

Huntington Brac had been asked to provide further details and had done so and the Education Council had now resolved to register the university as a tertiary institution here, subject to conditions, he said.