Hurley’s EE in works

Hurley’s is set to build a new supermarket in East End to replace its store that was wrecked in September last year by Hurricane Ivan.

Planning permission is being sought for a 9,000-square-foot supermarket at the junction of John Mclean Road and Sea View Road.

‘It will be three times bigger than the one that was wrecked by Ivan and it will be situated just up the road from the former site,’ said Hurley’s chief, Mr Randy Merren.

‘Once it gets through the planning stage I anticipate the store will be up and running inside 12 months, but it could be sooner than that.

‘A lot depends on the contractors, but we also have to see if there any objections to the project.

‘I don’t know how long it will take for a decision to be made by the planning authorities,’ he said.

‘That’s what’s going to take time at the moment.

‘But, just like the shopping development at Savannah, our planned new supermarket at East End should really benefit the area.’

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