Zero tolerance policy supported

The Cayman Islands Council of the United Churches wish to acknowledge and affirm the recent policy statement from the Police Commissioner’s office on its intended zero tolerance approach to crime fighting.

We wish to support this timely move in the light of the recent surge in criminal activity.

The laws of the land should be properly enforced as citizens can only benefit from the rule of law, which helps to eliminate chaos.

Criminal activity benefits no one not even the perpetrators who fail to achieve the fullness God has ordained and who inevitably will be called on to account for their crimes.

Ultimately criminal activity leads to an increased strain on the other resources of any country and causes fear, lost opportunities and decreased productivity.

This cannot auger well for the development of a nation or its people. We call upon all law abiding citizens and residents of the Cayman Islands to cooperate with the police in the effort to bring this upsurge to an end.

The Council further calls upon the members and adherents of the United Church to give support to the police.

We recognize that the nature of the support that citizens and residents may have to give will include taking a stand against criminal activities even within the family.

But the nature of the current challenge requires courageous action that can only be for the good of the entire community.

We urge the Government to continue and/or strengthen the steps being taken to analyze and address the root causes of this upsurge in crime. We acknowledge also our own responsibility in this regard and further invite citizens and residents to unite in this effort.

The United Church will remain faithful to the calling to be a voice for peace, justice and righteousness in these Islands and will continue to lift up the RCIP and those in authority in constant prayer.


Bryan Bothwell

Deputy General Secretary

The Cayman Islands Council

The United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.