Fear of crime steadily increases

The Royal Cayman Islands Police – 43 officers down at the moment – could be back up to strength within eight weeks, Acting Police Commissioner Rudolph Dixon told a meeting.

And with the resources and equipment coming the way of the police service, he was confident that crime would be brought below the levels the country had had in the past, he said.

Mr. Dixon told the well attended Thursday night public meeting at Bodden Town Primary School that since Hurricane Ivan there had been a drastic increase in crime as certain people took advantage of a weakened social fabric.

There was also an increase in the fear of crime at present, he said.

There would have to be some tough measures to reduce that level of crime and he had already set out several initiatives -including the use of such things as road blocks – and had received a lot of public support.

The government had promised to give the RCIP a substantial amount of equipment and the training budget had been enhanced, said Mr. Dixon.

Extra patrol cars were expected to arrive here from the United States in the next couple of weeks, he added.

As soon as he was able to get more police officers he would put them on the streets and bring more confidence and assurance to people, he told the meeting.

The RCIP did not have the perfect organisation but it was one of the best police services in the region, he said.

He urged people to say what kind of service they wanted the RCIP to provide and to hold him accountable when he returned for the next meeting in a few months time.

He also said that people who had problems with particular police officers should not to wait until these regular public meetings to raise them but to contact the complaints and disciplinary department.

Mr. Dixon said certain areas where drug dealers sold their wares had been identified in the districts. It was intended to bring in a mobile police station in those areas for a short time.

The Community Relations would come in and speak to neighbours, the areas would be cleaned up and the criminals run out, he said.