Atlantis rising

One of the greatest mythological cities in history is now the newest dive site in the Cayman Islands.

Just off Cayman Brac the city first spoken of by Plato – The Lost City of Atlantis – is being assembled by a local artist, creating one of the most exciting new dive options in the world, now offered by Brac Reef Beach Resort, says a press release from the hotel.

‘Plato spoke of the alluvial seaport of Atlantis that the Gods had destroyed when its inhabitants had become corrupt and greedy,’ explained the release. ‘Ancient mythology has met with modern day fantasy, however, in a visioning project by Cayman artist Foots in the waters off Cayman Brac where he has begun assembling his vision of the ruins of Atlantis.’

The 51 year-old artist, who recently became a citizen of the Cayman Islands, said he first envisioned the project as a child.

‘I’ve always been fascinated with ruins, history and mythology and this project is a vision in my mind, not from any other drawings or renditions, but simply from my own fantasy – my own expression,’ he says. ‘I am very, very thankful to the local government for allowing me to fulfill my dream, and I hope this will be my legacy – my gift to the world.’

The size and scope of the project is a diver’s dream. His plans involve over 150,000 lbs of sculptures, which have started to be placed off the north shore of Cayman Brac in a large sandy area, at a dive site called Radar Reef.

Phase one consists of the Archway of Atlantis and the Elders’ Way – a pathway lined with eleven 5-foot temple columns leading to the Inner Circle of Light, itself an enormous Sundial and base weighing nearly 10,000 lbs. And on schedule for late June to early July this year is the 18 ft tall Pyramid of Atlantis, in excess of 40,000 lbs.
Nature has started moving into the Lost City already which Foots says adds to the mystery and mood of the dive site.
‘Things are already covered in moss and are getting fleshed out,’ he says. ‘There are cleaner shrimp everywhere and they in turn will bring other forms of life to the site. There are also an abundance of Sting Rays and Eagle Rays that are in the area,’ Foots says.

Brach Reef Beach resort manager Trudy Viers, says she is pleased that the resort will be able to offer its visitors yet another dynamic diving option.

‘Foots really had a vision and he’s doing a remarkable job and this will provide a very unique and memorable dive – it is a real tribute to Cayman Brac,’ she says.

As the sculptures are in about 40 to 50 feet of water, Viers says the dive will be accessible for all certified divers.

‘This is a novice dive site so it will be quite accessible,’ she says. ‘On any given day you will see an abundance of marine life – you could see just about anything.’

Guided tours to the underwater creation are available Oct 1 – Nov 15. ‘Diving Atlantis’ includes seven night’s accommodation, six days of two-tank dives, all meals, airport ground transfers, taxes and the first opportunity to dive Atlantis. A visit to renowned Bloody Bay Wall is also included. $1299 per person/double occupancy. Must be booked by Aug. 15. Call 1-800-594-0843 or visit

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‘Other diving highlights at Brac Reef Beach Resort and Reef Divers II include: three boat dives per day, two night dives weekly, PADI, NAUI and SSI instruction, unlimited use of tanks for shore dives (with a buddy), the only full Nitrox station on the island and 80 degree water with unlimited visibility,’ says the press release.