CAA reminder

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands is reminding the public of the responsibilities and roles of the CAA following the organizational re-structuring, which resulted in the creation of the Cayman Islands Airports Authority. The re-structuring essentially separated the regulatory responsibilities from the provision of services (operation of airports).

Post re-structuring, the CAA, headed by Mr. Richard Smith, Director-General, now a purely regulatory body, has three main divisions: Air Safety Regulations (including the maintenance of the Aircraft Registry), Air Navigation Services Regulation and Commercial Affairs (economic regulation including processing of air transport licenses).

All the responsibilities relating to the operations and management of the islands’ airports now falls to the Cayman Islands Airports Authority, including the following sections: Airport Operations (janitorial, security, ground transport, marketing/advertising, etc.), Air Traffic Control and Aeronautical Information Services, Telecommunications, and airport development issues. The primary contact information for the Cayman Islands Airports Authority and its staff members are as follows: Telephone: 345-943-7070; Fax: 345-943-7071; CEO, David Frederick.

The Cayman Islands Airports Authority is located at the original CAA address on Owen Roberts Drive near the airport and the CAA is now located at Unit 4 Grand Harbour. Contact numbers for the CAA are: Telephone: 345-949-7811; Fax: 345-949-0761; E-mail: [email protected]