Seniors praised at social

A senior citizens social held on the Bodden Town Church of God grounds Saturday afternoon told seniors how important they were to the community.

‘Just because you are older does not mean that you are forgotten or that your presence in the community is any less important,’ said seniors’ committee chairperson Winsome Hill.

Outlining the committee’s plans she said, ‘You are our caregivers, our link to our past, our supporters, teachers and builders of the society we presently enjoy.

‘In recognition of these contributions, the committee is willing to assist you to maintain your independence and usefulness in the community and to see that your needs are met,’ said Ms Hill.

‘We have envisioned four basic areas to guide our work. These are: health care needs and facilities, providing entertainment and social activities, promoting an exchange of heritage and education on the government’s financial assistance programme.’

She added the group intends to maintain a registry of senior citizens, information on particular needs, build a good working relationship with the Bodden Town Health Centre, organise various social activities, initiate an arts and crafts club and liaise with the archives to record memories.

Ms Hill also said that Government had established various programmes such as the pension fund, the seamen’s and veterans’ payments to assist persons who were no longer gainfully employed.

‘In short, we are here to help you help yourselves,’ said Ms Hill.

Fully in support of the venture, Health Minister Anthony Eden, Bodden Town MLA Osbourne Bodden and Reverend Otto Menko said they were proud of the layout that the group had set out for seniors, and they were willing to assist in the programme. Mr. Eden also said government was presently putting money in the budget for a new civic centre.

There was also talk of the present seniors’ home, which would be used to hold functions.

During the rest of the afternoon seniors enjoyed hors d’oeuvres, musical items, met MLAS and chatted with friends.