Grants continue for athletes

The country’s three sporting ‘goodwill ambassadors’ would continue to get a grant from the government, the Cabinet press briefing was told on Friday.

Minister Alden McLaughlin said athletes Kareem Streete-Thompson and Cydonie Mothersill – who on Friday finished eighth in the 200 metres at the World Championships – had both been receiving $40,000 a year.

He had decided to renew the agreements including the one for $20,000 to boxer Charles Whittaker.

Mr. McLaughlin said he had talked to Streete-Thompson, who now had an injury that required surgery.

The athlete’s results showed he still had a considerable amount of ability to compete left in him, said Mr. McLaughlin.

Mr. McLaughlin said he did not think it would be right for the government, without consultation, to say to such athletes, who had no other source of income, that they would not support them.

If they were to take that approach they would want to give such young people a chance to make other arrangements, he added.