Replace fear with faith

We need to deal with crime yes, but not in a dramatic way, neither in a way that may result in a negative way towards our own people, residents and tourists.

The police and immigration along with you and I have to gel together to stop this growing tree that is loaded with seeds of crime and violence.

Let us not ask for help from outside sources. This only leads to more importation of people who have their own crime to fight in their own country and don’t know us well enough to understand who is who in our society. Let us fight this on our own. What we sow is what we reap; better we start now because the wave of crime and violence is getting very steep.

Our previous government opened our gateway to a huge majority of people, claiming it was to justify the humanity cry, (humanity cry meaning the granting of status to so many at once without proper background checks etc.) Now many of them have a business licence, which gives them the right to import people to work. This is an even worse exploitation. I say, who are some of those people being imported?

Let’s give this a close reality check. We have sold various business licences to numerous persons who have gained status from the humanity cry. Now those persons granted status can import people/workers not for work but to get here for any opportunity to gain, lawful or unlawful. This is an area where we will be exploited and crime will seep in steadily. It has already been shown since the gateway was opened to the humanity cry. If we deny this we are surely living a lie.

Our system is a huge part of the blame for being so naïve by allowing so many in without better screening and background checks.

Added to this, after Hurricane Ivan, with so many people in and out of the island, we lost some control and our gateway was exploited once again. Now we are seeing and feeling the results.

When crime gets to the stage it’s in now, we try to find a swift, proactive solution, much of it by means of spreading fear. I say, replace fear with faith and root out the cause of whatever makes people go to such an extreme to gain.

Joseph (Lebbie) Yates