Environmental help is offered

There was an excellent article about Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s discussion about protecting the environment in the Caymanian Compass.

I think there have been some excellent actions by the Cayman Islands that I have seen on my visits to the island, but a sound environmental stewardship programme is much greater.

I’ve spent 26 years in environmental management including state-of-the-art landfill management and recycling as well as control of emission.

The growing traffic and size and number of vehicles are troubling for Cayman, not only with congestion but also fuel dependency and spill protection for fuel stations and automobile emissions.

All would be well worth addressing through a comprehensive short- and long-term environmental stewardship programme and policy and regulations as necessary.

I would be glad to assist Cayman with such a programme, assuming I can find another place to stay now that my timeshare is gone (Indies Suites).

Kevin England