This is paradise lost

Welcome to Paradise, NOT.

Welcome to this Island we call paradise; powder white sands and crystal blue waters.

Or should I call it welcome to this used to be paradise; powder white sands that Caymanians or not good enough or rich enough to walk on and our overcrowded Public Beach.

Let me explain this paradise in the eyes of a Caymanian:

What was the Government thinking about when they approved seven storey buildings on Seven Mile Beach?

Did they think that this would beatify the Island? I think it gave New York City a run for their money.

We are, to my opinion, considered a concrete jungle.

We need to stop the building of seven story condos on the Seven Mile Beach, this is not beatifying the Island it is destroying the Island. When we think of an Island we think of sandy beaches and clear blue water.

If we do not have over a million dollars we cannot sun bath on our beaches nor swim in our sea.

That’s what happens when you build large million dollar developments on Seven Mile Beach, which attracts rich people that believe we Caymanians are not good enough to enjoy the beaches in front of their million dollar condos.

That is understandable. It is not their fault; it is that person in charge that permitted the development.

On another topic, what on this earth was the old government thinking about when it granted all those statuses? It made the so-called Island in a lot of ways not better but worse.

The old system of granting statuses worked well.

You do not get the same privileges as a Caymanian until you have proven that you deserve it. Really, do you think that the now new Caymanians are investing their money here on the Island?

I think not.

They just have status so they can work here without having to go through the trouble of getting permits.

Next sign of the island in trouble they will be the first ones off the Island to their home country to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

We all need jobs. You all know most of the young Caymanians depend on working to achieve experience; we do not come out of school with five years experience in a field. We need to work to achieve this.

These new Caymanians, most of them have experience in one field or another (they would not come here if they did not). They will get these jobs over young Caymanians due to the fact that they have experience and we do not (and the businesses are most of the time too lazy to train young Caymanians for the job).

The excuse that Caymanians are not ambitious is not true. We are just sick and tired of not have five years experience right out of high school.

I am not about to deny that there are some good status holders that will help this Island when in need. I know you think that seven storey condos will help us with tourism but it will do the same with a three story condo. This will also urge some of the local developers to develop their own if the competition was not so high (most of these large developments are not for Caymanian developers).

Caymanians (yes the new ones too, you are now considered Caymanians, now do your part) we have to take Cayman back. We have to make this Island paradise again.

If not we will soon have no say on our own island. Think about that.

Name withheld by request