Another unhappy movie fan

Please allow me a few lines in your paper to express my thoughts on a heavy-handed practice that the Cinema is now employing to pressure its patrons into purchasing refreshments from the snack bar.

In the middle of a movie the show is cut for a five- to seven-minute intermission. I will reiterate; in the middle of the movie, which completely interrupts the flow.

I have spoken to Cinema employees and expressed my complete disgust at this tactic and each time they tell me that they have spoken to the new owners.

I put this line in just to let your readers know that I have tried to solve the problem before writing to the papers.

Most people either purchase their goodies before the show or, if they want, they get them sometime during the movie. But certainly most people wouldn’t want to penalize others for their bad planning or hunger pangs.

This practice really comes down to courtesy – or the lack thereof.

My grandfather owned a theatre, so I am aware that is not a common practice in this business. I am also an avid movie buff and have gone to many theatres throughout the world, and I have to tell you, this is a first.

I am not simply lamenting, either, without proposing a solution to this annoying practice. I am asking people to not purchase any snacks during this intermission period.

I believe not rewarding the owners for this practice might be one way to solve this problem.

While I realise that companies are in business to make money, they also have to listen to their customers.

And let’s face it; the Cinema’s new owners have increased the cost of the movies by $2 to a whopping $10 per adult. The cost of all the snacks has increased as well. So they are making money.

I would like to congratulate the Cinema owners for keeping the old staff and for upgrading the d├ęcor.

I would also like to remind them that people can rent DVDs for $3 each and spend the evening in the comfort of their own homes.

Let’s face it, we all want a night out – but if this practice continues, I would rather stay home.

Tara Bush

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