Disappointed with inn

I’m responding to your article about the Liquor License Board’s problems with Sammy’s.

What happened to the clean, comfortable and friendly Sammy’s we of the Sister Islands once knew and used?

Our last stay there (and I mean last stay) was a few months ago.

We had the misfortune of being placed in a downstairs room adjacent to the patio.

We felt like the partiers were literally looking in our window at the edge of the curtains.

The dancing, visible ganja consumption and loud music went on very late.

After numerous telephone complaints went unheeded, finally at 11pm I personally visited the front counter of the hotel, produced my police ID, and told them that the noise and illegal activities must stop.

They seemed totally unknowing and unconcerned of what was going on outside.

An hour later, around midnight, the noise finally stopped.

The night manager told me he had no control over the noise, partying, and ganja outside.

I wish now that I had called the local police as I am sure arrests for the ganja would have been made.

It is a shame that Sammy’s has been allowed to continually break the law with its ‘nightclub’.

I read with interest the hotel’s claim of full occupancy.

Obviously there are enough unknowing newcomers to fill his hotel because I assume its not repeat customers.

Craig Mock

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