Do homework on dolphinarium

I refer to the article by Cliodhna McGowan on August 18, Dolphinarium developer defends decision. I am an Antiguan who lived through the nightmare of closing down Dolphin Discovery on our island so I know what I’m talking about.

Mr. Crighton seems completely unaware of the fact that in the confined space of a sea pen, dolphin waste will concentrate and flow out of the facility, going down current along the coast, in a wholly unnatural way.

To compare this kind of artificial concentration of waste with what happens naturally on a reef shows remarkable lack of understanding of marine ecology. Has he not studied or at least reviewed the damage done to the reefs in Cozumel? I would like to refer Mr. Crighton – who claims to care so much about the environment of Cayman – to a web site (see below) referencing scientific studies on the problem at Chankanaab.

I would also like to challenge your newspaper to publish these studies for the people of Cayman, so they can know the truth. In my opinion, Mr. Crighton is seeing dollar signs for his personal benefit, not for the benefit of the Caymanian people.

Also it is appalling that Mr. Crighton says “he did not know too much about the situation [in Antigua], but he believed it was because Dolphin Discovery had taken over from another operation that had initially run the facility and had problems.” It would seem that an astute businessman should do his homework on those with whom he is doing business before he sets up a deal.

I challenge Mr. Crighton to learn the facts about Dolphin Discovery.

If Mr.Crighton does not want to bother with any of this, the Caymans will probably be the next victim to be exploited for the almighty dollar – the price you will pay will be in environmental damage, international outcry, protests, boycotts and abuse of innocent marine mammals that have no voice in their imprisonment. I challenge all who care about this issue to visit this web site to learn the facts, not the propaganda.

Martha Watkins Gilkes, Antigua

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