Movie interrupted

Whose idea was it to have intermission during a film? That person should be fired!

I was really looking forward to going to the newly renovated cinema to watch War of the Worlds. Right smack in the middle of this action packed movie the screen went white and the lights came on. Now, why would I pay $10 to sit in uncomfortable seats, have my move interrupted, listen to people talk and laugh while the movie is showing, pay high prices for food when I can rent three DVDs from my video store for the same price, sit on my comfortable couch at home and eat some Nathan’s hot dogs for free?

There were two things I enjoyed at my recent night at the cinema: the popcorn and the seats with built-in holders for drinks. But that’s not enough to make me go again.

Perhaps the new management should have done some research before introducing this ludicrous new intermission practice.

Debbie Ebanks

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