Law, order must rule

We are all watching what is going on in the southern states of America and we are bearing witness not only to the carnage but the complete breakdown of law and order.

Obviously we are all watching and talking about what should be done to looters? I am a realist but some would say a hardliner when it comes to law and order.

I say you must stop the looting from the start even for food and water, full stop. We are talking about looters who start before the hurricane has hardly passed over. We are not talking about days and weeks without food.

The complete breakdown of law and order starts off with what most people consider survival.

Think about it, why should the few take all the potential supplies for themselves and leave the majority out. Sorry the authorities have to be tough and if it means shooting people, when they will not stop or they run away, then that is the way to do it, man or woman.

If looters have got the energy to break down doors and rob everything in sight then they have the energy to help with the search and rescue of fellow human beings. It’s their choice to be part of the human race in a major disaster or say good bye to the human race.

As we have watched the story unfold I have had arguments, from the start, with people saying it’s only food, then they come over to my side when they watch and hear about looting of luxury goods, use of firearms, murder and rape.

The old story, too little to late, so next time there is a pending disaster the authorities need to make it clear to all that marshal law is in, looting is out and lethal force will be used. It’s simple and no excuse.

At the end of the day law and order must be the priority.

Dale Fogis

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