Spanking doesn’t help children

I enjoyed reading the column by Guy P. Harrison on spanking.

Great work.

I know how haunting it is to see something like violence against children and not do something about it.

I’ve once seen a little girl of about five years old left inside the back of a car in the blazing heat of a very warm September day. The girl seemed to be either sleeping or passed out. Her little face covered with beads of sweat and there was a little white dog panting a on the floor of the car.

I was about 19 years old back then and went back into the grocery store and had the owner of the car paged on the PA system. I also had the police called but the lady left before the police got there.

I was too afraid to break the window open so I could open the door for the little girl.

I’ve personally been slapped across the face and was given the wooden ruler on a very few occasions when I had been insolent toward my mother but it was nothing crazy. Still it wasn’t right.

My ex-wife was never hit by her parents and was dead set against it and I must say that I’ve never slapped or used violence against my children.

I now know that you can do a good job, a better job in fact of raising children without the use of violence. Children can certainly get you to your wit’s end but there are other ways of dealing with it.

Louis Chaloux

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