Pleasant licensing experience

I recently went into the licensing office to renew my driving permit, easily expecting to spend at least one hour.

As I entered the office, a security guard very courteously asked me what I came to do. When I informed him I needed to renew my licence, he pointed out the form that I needed to complete and told me I should join the line to the cashier after.

I filled out the form, joined the queue to the cashier and in about 10 minutes I was very professionally attended to.

After paying the fees, the guard once again escorted me to have my picture taken, which only took another couple of minutes. I was out of the licensing office, new licence in hand, within 15 minutes.

This really amazed me at how quickly the process took.

I must commend the security guard and the other employees at the licensing office for the first-class service they provided. It was a surprisingly pleasurable experience.

Famida Mohammed

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