Ivan documentary disappointing

I was highly disappointed with this so-called documentary ’36 hours in September’. I say ‘so-called’ because it certainly did not document thoroughly what took place on this Island on 11 September 2004. It did not even scratch the surface of what the people suffered.

The producers at CITN need to stop only interviewing and focusing on family and friends and do some real investigative journalism.

Perhaps CITN should have collaborated with Terri Merren (now there is a book to keep for historical reasons). She got out there and interviewed a wide cross-section of people (not just her friends and family) and was able to document the terrifying moments of Ivan.

East End was one of the districts hardest hit, (I was blessed compared to what other people went through) and not one resident from there was interviewed. A very small snippet of a house damaged in East End could be seen at the end of the ‘documentary’.

Bodden Town was another district that was destroyed and one person from Breakers (which is part of the Bodden Town district) was interviewed. Police Officer Shane Bothwell was an excellent interview with regards to the Bodden Town shelter but what happened to all the other home owners in Bodden Town whose homes were completely flattened?

I distinctly remember hearing a nerve-wracking call on Radio Cayman during the hurricane from a woman on Ryan’s Road in George Town, whose house was flooded, the roof was gone and she was sitting in her car literally screaming for help.

Another lady who had to swim from behind Jose’s Esso to save herself after the fire truck rescued her children but left her. Were these people even approached to be interviewed?

I understand that not every story could be heard (and there were probably people who did not want to speak about the emotional and traumatizing time they went through), otherwise we would have probably had a documentary 36 hours long but I think CITN could have done it in series, perhaps two-hour parts for three nights or something.

This film captured six people’s stories (which by no means am I undermining each individual’s story) but I don’t understand why they had to keep going back to Marjane Anglin and Sabrina Tynsdale (sorry if misspelled.)

Why not make them tell their story and move on to someone else. I also suspect that one person was interviewed because apparently part of the actual footage during the storm came from them, which again I am not undermining their experience, but they got to fly off the Island until everything got back to some state of normalcy.

What about those people who had to clean up, stand in long lines just to get some food, water ice and gas?

CITN hyped up the show and I was calling everyone making sure they would tune in and watch. Yet when it was done I thought ‘That’s it?!’

What happened to the struggle after the storm? Were these people on the same Island as myself during Hurricane Ivan?

I encourage people to donate to the Recovery Fund but the DVD will not be indicative of what occurred on this Island.

I really would not consider it a documentary of what occurred or anything to keep for historical purposes.

Carlene Watler-Scott

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