Time to give elderly better care

The time has come for the country to help and prepare properly for its elderly, Health Minister Anthony Eden told Finance Committee.

Answering questions about appropriations to his ministry, Mr. Eden said he had visited the Golden Age Home in West Bay and was saddened to see the limited space senior citizens were having to live in.

He told the committee on Thursday that it was time to look at properly providing for people who had played an integral part in bringing Cayman to where it was today and yet were in those living conditions.

He said he would be talking to colleagues about how a building more suitable for them could be prepared.

The government could look at this and other things and make sure a legacy was left that people would be adequately taken care of, he said.

Director of Children and Family Services Deanna Look Loy said she wanted to endorse that. She said that when it rained people had to be crammed into a small living room.

The number of referrals from the hospital could not be managed, she said. There was nowhere to put them.

The Pines was usually full and some commitment needed to be made to expand the services, she said.

Even with limited resources, it was amazing to see the great care and attention given to the people, said MLA Cline Glidden. With more adequate facilities, that would improve, he added.

Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts told Sister Islands MLA Julianna O’Connor-Connolly there were funds for a purpose built building in Cayman Brac.

He hoped it would be ready for next hurricane season so that people such as those from the rest home there would not have to be cramped in the Aston Rutty Centre at times.

MLA Alfonso Wright said people needed to be encouraged to take care of their elderly. There was also a need to make sure all the homes were built properly and properly staffed, he said.

Mrs Look Loy agreed and said the public had to be educated to take care of their elderly.

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