Toxic ash removal delayed

The removal of ash containing arsenic and other toxic metals from several sites where Hurricane Ivan debris was burned has been delayed once again, Minister Arden McLean said last Friday.

‘We continue to have difficulties with the ash,’ said Mr. McLean.

The ash is to be taken from the burn sites to the George Town Landfill, where it will be stored in a polyurethane-lined pit.

Several weeks ago, Mr. McLean said the delivery of liner was delayed because of Hurricane Rita’s impact on Houston, Texas, from where the liner was coming.

‘The liner material was shipped from Texas to Miami,’ Mr. McLean said, noting that Miami has since been seriously impacted by the passing of Hurricane Wilma.

‘As a result, we’re going to need another two weeks to get this resolved,’ Mr. McLean said.

When it was announced in June that Hurricane Ivan debris ash contained toxic metals, Mr. McLean said scientists had concluded Government needed to act immediately to remove the ash.

There was concern at the time that with rainy season beginning, the arsenic would leech into the soil and contaminate ground water.

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