Liverpool article grossly misleads

A newspaper in the UK has claimed the murder rate here in Cayman is 10 times that of Merseyide, the area that includes the city of Liverpool.

The Liverpool Echo recently alleged that new RCIP Commissioner Stuart Kernohan, who left a top job with the Merseyside police to take up the post here, ‘will have the job of tackling the area’s sky-high murder, drug-trafficking and gang-related crimes.’

‘The view given by the Liverpool Echo on crime in the Cayman Islands is very disappointing,’ new RCIP Commissioner Mr. Kernohan told the Caymanian Compass.

The Echo article claimed the area is becoming more and more well-known for its crime with the islands’ location making them a stopping off point for drug smugglers.

‘Its successful financial markets mean it is also used as an offshore tax haven for crooks and their profits,’ said the article.

‘With between 10 and 15 killings per year among a population of just 44,000, its murder rate is 10 times that of Merseyside,’ the Echo claimed.

According to the RCIP, there were actually five murders here last year and three so far this year.

‘They have given points of view that certainly do not agree with mine and many other people’s in the Cayman Islands,’ Mr. Kernohan said.

‘They made no attempt to contact me or any of my officers to check their expressed views.

‘It’s a shame they have chosen to show the Cayman Islands in that light,’ said Mr. Kernohan.

‘In the UK it’s normal to compare like with like. And to compare a large urban environment like Merseyside with the Cayman Islands is grossly unfair,’ he said.

According to the Echo, Dominic Tonner of the Cayman Observer said: ‘Mr. Kernohan’s biggest challenge will be breaking the islands’ gangs.

‘They don’t have the islands in a stranglehold but the problem is bigger than it used to be,’ he reportedly said.

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