Cash 4 Titles appeal begins

The Court of Appeal began hearing evidence on Monday afternoon in the matter of Patrick Tibbetts, who is appealing his conviction earlier this year for money laundering.

He was sentenced to three years imprisonment after a 12-member jury found him guilty of assisting two key Cash4Titles figures to retain the benefit of criminal conduct.

C4T started as a legitimate US-based business that made loans to people who used their car titles as security. But it ended up as a Ponzi scheme in which investors’ money was used to pay earlier investors.

Tibbetts was allowed to remain on bail pending his appeal (Caymanian Compass, 1 March).

The Court of Appeal is hearing evidence and arguments on the first ground of appeal – an allegation of juror bias. The court will then rule on that ground before the matter proceeds any further.

The court heard one witness on Monday and was scheduled to hear two more on Tuesday.

Michael Wood QC, instructed by Attorney Simon Dickson, is arguing the appeal on behalf of Tibbetts.

The Crown is represented by Attorney General Sam Bulgin, Solicitor General Cheryll Richards and Crown Counsel Andre Mon Desir.

Hearing the appeal are court president Mr. Justice Edward Zacca, Mr. Justice Martin Taylor and Mr. Justice Ian Forte.

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