Advertisers, readers congratulate CFP

The management and staff of Cyber-dynamics take pleasure in congratulating you all at Cayman Free Press on your 40th Anniversary and we wish you continued success in the future.

Thank you for partnering with us for the development of your online edition and your website needs.

We look forward to continuing the excellent relationship which exists between our two organizations.

Richard and the team

Congratulations on your 40th birthday. I look forward every day to reading your web page.

Murray A. Roed

I am writing to congratulate you and all the staff on the 40th anniversary of the Compass, THE newspaper of the Cayman Islands. Even if as a former employee I am slightly biased.

Life is pretty busy this side of the pond, working full time for the Bolton Evening News as well as doing shifts for the Daily Star and Daily Express. I’m getting used to the idea of moving on to one of the nationals full time, though that would mean a move to London.

Just turned 31, am enjoying married life, though I regret to say I haven’t struck a hockey ball in anger for several years. I do miss those Tuesdays and Saturdays!

Many congratulations again on this wonderful milestone.

Michael Crutchley

Happy 40th to you and Cayman Free Press !!

Wow, how time flies !!

Jerry Arnold

Happy 40th anniversary. I offer my personal congratulations to CFP and for the contributions made to media communications in the Cayman Islands.

The CFP group have grown with the Cayman Islands and can be considered as an intrinsic part of the fabric that comprises the community.

In saying so I am acknowledging that CFP has been inextricably linked to the success, testifying to ebb and flow of our development socially, politically and economically. The evolution of these peoples and their remarkable emerging has been witnessed and recorded by you.

CFP can be recognised for, among many things, reliability, consistency, a balanced sense of duty, a cautious but resolute demeanour and commendable standard for the most part (98 per cent.

That template has rewarded you with the steady economic windfall over the years.

There is a registered sentiment emerging …people will pay for fair play, and the evidence suggests that they have and will continue to hold you to the template.

The relationships cultivated and founded on truth, trust and fairness have bloomed for you. The circulation figures do betray this. Your service division continues to accomplish objectives with continued success on the singular premise…you deliver. You respect expectations, on time quality with truthful explanation if you cannot.

While reality is that there is never pleasure without pain, it is true that the Cayman people have evolved, accepting change, embracing critical and open thinking but on their own terms. To a large degree this community clings to, and fosters the core values of gentility and respect.

CFP has captured the formula to graft itself around those principles. The reward has been that you are truly embraced as family with the ups and downs that characterise such.

I have been associated with media here for over 24 years. I have had a direct relationship with CFP and yourself for 22 years from the days where Rosewitha was your senior graphics designer and Charles was in his formative stage.

I will never forget Liz Sleep, Betty, Graham who escaped the dungeon of Nor’Wester…the list could go on.

Being a car person my recollections include the family car your white MGB, plagued though it was with Lucas electrics (Lucas Prince of Darkness.)

In alluding to those early recollections I am registering the inestimable value of relationships. While business is business, it is the success of relationships that have been the core of your success. Your ability to fertilise these relationships is at the heart of CFP’s market leader position.

Carl Brown

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