WB Road solution offered

I live in West Bay and each morning get tied up in the traffic congestion that the government is thankfully looking to alleviate.

Whilst every effort is appreciated I am not entirely sure that the creation of the 500 yard two lanes leading up to the mini roundabout next to the Galleria will make a significant difference.

This is normally past where the congestion exists, which normally is only up to the Strand turning

Obviously once the by-pass is complete this would seem to be the best solution to the problem.

I have had several conversations with West Bay residents on this matter and all appear to agree that the flow has nothing to do with the Ritz Carlton construction or the number of cruise ships in town but is created by:

A) persons seeking to jump the queue by driving through the Dyke roads and then ‘pushing’ into the West Bay line

B) a significant number of people illegally taking a left turn at the old Indies Suites and then interrupting the traffic flow by entering West Bay Road at the exit to Safehaven, normally creating two lanes out of this exit as some persons cannot even wait in the queue here.

Once past these two bottleneck areas the traffic normally disappears and the flow into town is swift.

I am sure it would save money rather than buying land and building an additional lane, to have one police car halting the left turn at Indies Suites and one at the entrance to Governors Harbour and also having the gate closed at the Dyke road entrance.

I think it is at least worth testing for a month and if it does not work then go ahead and spend a large amount of budget on the 500yard lane.

Name withheld by request

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