Problems started with Status

I refer to the Caymanian Compass of 27th October 2005, page 1 and the two headlines on visas.

The Government must take the necessary steps including visas in the interest of Cayman and Caymanians.

Mr. McKeeva Bush remarks that the visa issue is causing disunity and is half cocked and absolutely ridiculous.

This surely applies more to him and the UDP Government giving Caymanian status through Executive Council to about 3,000 foreigners who possibly have 6,000 dependents.

Some who were granted status deserved it but some did not and no proper application, police records or references, which the law required applicants to the Immigration Board to complete, was submitted in some instances.

Many Caymanians will never forget those status grants and what the Mr. Bush and the UDP did to Caymanians’ birth right. The general election sent a message to the UDP by removing the UDP Government after only one term.

The Chamber of Commerce got its first taste of a Caricom leader when Honorable P.J. Patterson slammed its visa policy and suggested further Caricom participation.

I spoke to a senior chamber member and told him of the dangers of putting a foreign politician in front of a large crowd with a microphone and expecting him not to be political. I hope the chamber has learnt a lesson and Government takes note of this matter.

During the 16 years I was on Executive Council we were polite and friendly to Caricom members but we never had a relationship with Caricom because the Government saw the disadvantages outweighing the advantages.

I can assure the Caymanian public that if they again put me in Government in the future I will not give away our Caymanian status birth right wholesale nor get involved in Caricom and I am not power hungry for constitutional change to give politicians (who are normally not competent or well educated) more power.

Truman Bodden

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