Boys rescued from sea

Two boys had to be rescued from the sea on the waterfront of George Town on Tuesday.

Police were called to the scene at 5.23pm when people became concerned about the safety of three boys on the waterfront on South Church Street.

One of the boys, aged 14, was pulled out to sea by a wave and the other boy, aged 12, jumped in to help him, said the RCIP.

The younger boy had to be rescued by Enforcer 1 and the marine unit.

According to an RCIP press release, Mr. Ladner Watler from Enforcer 1 jumped into the sea and put a life vest on the boy whilst Inspector Brad Ebanks threw a cord in and pulled them back to the beach.

A member of the public, Mr. George O’Conner, also assisted with the rescue by providing the cord to the marine unit.

The boys were reported to be safe and well and did not require any medical treatment, said the police.

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