Governor wants to listen, learn

New Governor Stuart Jack wants to ‘listen, learn and understand,’ he said.

Stuart Jack

New Governor Stuart Jack making his first speach after being sworn at the Legislative Assembly shortly after his arrival here last Wednesday.

Mr. Jack made his first public speech in Cayman after being sworn in at the Legislative Assembly, shortly after his arrival here on Wednesday.

And he brought with him the good wishes of Queen Elizabeth who, he said, had fondly recalled visiting Cayman to him and had expressed her concern about the impact of hurricanes.

Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts was among those in the House to greet the new Governor.

‘They say ‘timing is everything’ and we are hopeful that your arrival while our government is in its early days will set the stage for positive collaboration and, as a further boon, improved communication with the United Kingdom,’ said Mr. Tibbetts.

He said the hurricane damaged homes Mr. Jack may have already noticed were ‘a symbol of an island nation that is still struggling in the reconstruction process.’

Work done by the government – such as legislation to tackle crime, the Public Service Management Law and the Freedom of Information Bill – was outlined by Mr. Tibbetts.

He told the House that the government was currently preparing for a major public information exercise on the Freedom of Information Bill.

Improvements to public service would be an advantage when discussions on the modernisation of the constitution were re-entered into, he said.

‘I am sure you will gladly assist in facilitating the process of constitutional modernisation when we restart the engines early in the New Year,’ said Mr. Tibbetts as he welcomed Mr. Jack.

A draft bill aimed at improving aspects of the Cayman Islands anti-money laundering regimes was currently being reviewed, said Mr. Tibbetts.

‘The legislation is expected to entail even greater emphasis on forfeiture/confiscation, including civil forfeiture,’ he said.

The Sister Islands had often been treated as the younger sibling to Grand Cayman, but that was changing, said Mr. Tibbetts.

‘In less than two weeks there will be a forum on sustainable development in the Sister Islands that you are already aware of as this is on your agenda as one of your very first official duties,’ he said.

Also making a welcoming speech to Mr. Jack and his wife Mariko on behalf of the Civil Service was Chief Secretary George McCarthy.

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