LA gets new Serjeant-at-Arms

Caymanian Javin Powery is the new Serjeant-at-Arms at the Legislative Assembly.

Javin Powery

Javin Powery, the Legislative Assemblys new Serjeant-at-Arms.
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In a simple swap of a ‘g’ for a ‘j’, this erstwhile Royal Cayman Islands Police Sergeant brings to the post some 20 years experience as a police officer, according to a GIS press release.

Mr. Powery will be working for both the country’s representatives and the people they represent, for sizeable portions of each working day when the Legislature is in session.

His previous duties covered many areas of police work including the Special Branch, National Security, Traffic and VIP protection as well as involvement in tackling major incidents and drug interdiction.

After graduating from John Gray High School, Mr Powery joined the RCIPS as a constable for two years. This was followed by a two-year stint with Cable and Wireless.

He then returned to the RCIPS as a constable and later became a sergeant, performing general police duties. He also worked as a supervisor of a Uniform Support Group Tactical Unit and was responsible for training when attached to the K-9 unit.

His technical training includes a desk officers’ course in the British High Commission in Jamaica; canine training and K-9 instructor training in the US and the UK; and novice diver and sports diver training with the British Sub Aqua Club.

His new duties will include attending upon the Speaker and Members of the LA and to perform ceremonial duties. The Serjeant-at-Arms’ role includes establishing a high level of surveillance and security for the Speaker and Members of the LA and the House.

One very visible duty of the Serjeant-at-Arms when the Legislature is in session is during the Speaker’s procession every morning and afternoon. On every such occasion, the Serjeant will lead the Speaker in and out of the Chamber bearing the shiny brass Mace on his right shoulder.

The Serjeant-at-Arms is the Custodian of the Mace, which is an essential part of the regalia of Parliament. Without it, the House is not constituted and no proceedings may take place. It is the symbol of the royal authority and, in consequence, of the authority of Parliament. In Parliament, it further symbolizes the authority of the Speaker.

‘Mr. Powery is responsible to the Speaker for the maintenance of good order throughout the House and its precincts and to remove persons directed to withdraw from the building.

‘He is to exercise supervision over constables assigned to duty in the House, to regulate the admission of persons to the Press Gallery, the Public and VIP Galleries and to supervise and control the admission of visitors to the building and to conduct tours,’ the Clerk of the LA, Wendy Lauer, explained.

Welcoming the new Serjeant-at-Arms, Ms Lauer said, ‘We are delighted that Mr Javin Powery, a young Caymanian, has been appointed Serjeant-at-Arms of the Legislative Assembly.

‘With his experience in special branch work, national and VIP security and, with his long service in the RCIP, he is considered well equipped to undertake the duties of this important post in the Parliament.’

Regarding his new assignment, Mr. Powery said, ‘To me, it is a great challenge because the House of Representatives, the Parliament, is an icon of the Cayman Islands.’

The new Serjeant-at-Arms added, ‘After serving my country well in another government body, I look forward to serving my country for many more years. As a young Caymanian, I would encourage more fellow Caymanians to represent our country and get involved.’

He still does a lot of counselling of young people, informing them of the dangers that could lie ahead for them and advises them to avoid ‘bad’ and ‘wrong’ influences.

‘Prevention is the answer in many areas in life. Curiosity could be good curiosity or bad curiosity,’ observed Mr. Powery.

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