Police launch drunk driving campaign

The RCIPS has launched its Drink Driving Campaign for the Christmas and New Year period.

The purpose of the campaign is to ensure that residents and visitors to the Island will be able to move about unhindered on the roads without being injured or killed by drivers under the influence of alcohol., police said.

A roadblock in George Town on Wednesday resulted in three arrests for driving under the influence of alcohol. Sixteen traffic tickets were also issued for various offences.

‘Many people enjoy a drink or two over the Christmas and New Year period but we need people to think before they drink. Any amount of alcohol affects your ability to judge distances and speed accurately. The safest option is not to drink if you plan to drive,’ police said in a press release.

Advice from the RCIPS includes:

If drinking, make alternative arrangements to get home that do not involve driving.

Take a licensed taxi.

Appoint a designated driver for the evening who sticks to soft drinks.

Don’t be tempted to get into a car with anyone else who has been drinking and discourage your friends and family from drink driving.

Take care when driving the morning after you have been drinking as alcohol may still be in your system and you may be over the limit.

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