JA officers train to be leaders

A Junior Achievement training session was held recently for the elected officers of all JA companies on Grand Cayman.

On 19 November, local business persons gave up their Saturday morning to share their valuable experiences and inspire the young achievers.

Don Seymour (DMS) spoke about his journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur and stressed the importance of having goals and a plan.

Kathleen Jackman (Bright Staff) gave advice on human resource issues. Peter Huber (Maples Finance/JA board) addressed the vice presidents of finance while Sara Jan-Evans (FCI) gave tips to the vice presidents for marketing.

James Tibbetts (JA board) dealt with production issues. Rod Waddell (Hobbies and Books, training division) provided a comprehensive session on management and leadership for the company presidents.

JA President Ravi Kapoor assisted, along with Pat Randall, Padraig Hoare and Maggie Jackson (JA board members). The young officers returned to their companies this week with renewed enthusiasm, to put the advice received into action.

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