Marriott: home is where the heart is

Representatives from local charities have applauded the Marriott for its spirit of giving for donating linen and furniture to the Pines Retirement Home, Bonaventure Home for Boys and Francis Bodden Home for Girls.

A press release states that as the $15 million dollar renovations to the Seven Mile Beach hotel complete this Christmas, the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort has given away much of its fine furniture to local charities. Mr Chris Sariego, Managing Director of the Resort said that as a consequence of the major renovations the existing furniture did not fit with the Marriott’s new interior design plans.

‘We were able to offer our entire linen supply since the Marriott Hotel Group has phased through new bedding and linen standards. The new linen supply needed to be white and our old supply was cream and so we had 725 sheets and 725 pillow cases to give away – and it was all virtually new,’ he said.

Since its renovation the Marriott Resort has donated: 588 beds, 307 television stands, 500 night stands, 500 standing lamps and bedside lamps, 307 dining tables and all of its lobby furniture which has included a collection of ottoman chairs, ottoman console tables and chesterfield sofas.

‘We were happy to offer such good quality furniture to the charities on the Island as we no longer required it at the resort. We realized that the donation would make a meaningful impact to those with a real need for comfort and a homely environment,’ Mr. Sariego said.

The Resort’s furniture was formally handed over to the representatives from the Pines Retirement Home, Bonaventure Home for Boys and Francis Bodden Home for Girls by Mr. Sariego. The furniture left the Marriott Resort piled high in the trucks which were generously supplied by Dean Heyne of Complete Maintenance.

Much of the linen donated by the Marriott Resort was accepted by the Pines where they have 35 beds that are changed up to 3 times per day, said the release. Sue Nicholson, Manager of the Pines said the donation had allowed them to replace many items from beds and chairs, through to linen and small kitchen items.

‘Even the smallest items, such as the Marriott’s garbage bins, have found a use, as Hurricane Ivan destroyed everything we had,’ she said. ‘The Pines is always interested in receiving donations for the home. Nothing goes to waste, we find uses for all donations and are very grateful to the Marriott Resort,’ she said.

Mr Myles, House Manager at the Bonaventure Home for Boys, also expressed his gratitude.

‘The 16 boys in our care have to deal with a lot of personnel trauma as well as having to continue to be motivated to run their day-to-day lives,’ he said. ‘The furniture donations have allowed us to create a study area for them and this gives them much needed personal space to complete their homework, which is a very important part of their normal lives.’

The Francis Bodden Home for Girls has placed its new furniture in their house and Ms Fay Luxembourg, Assistant House Manager said ‘the girls love the new spaces that the donated furniture has allowed them to create and the furniture has made our house so much cosier.’

‘Upstairs the girls of Francis Bodden have created a ‘nest’ area where they can hang out and chat while downstairs they have made a pod of chairs where they can welcome and entertain visitors and friends.

‘We are always very thankful for donations and we are hugely grateful to the Marriott Resort’s staff who organized the donation. We believe here that a comfortable environment contributes to a sense of coziness and creates a really homey atmosphere which also very importantly, contributes to a healthy self-esteem and identity for the girls in our care,’ Ms Luxembourg said.

Mr Sariego said, ‘The Marriott Resort and its staff want to continue to find ways to contribute to the island community. This project has allowed us to recognize that non-profit making organizations are constantly in need of donations and that you just need to ask if you can help’.

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